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Christina Saschin

Christina Saschin
Christina is a food columnist, blogger and nutritionist. She holds a BS in Nutrition and Food Sciences, loves cooking, rock climbing and the outdoors. Christina has worked at a diabetic camp for children and teens for the past three summers and enjoys creating recipes to accommodate individuals’ needs. Read more

Avocado Toast

Each of these corn thins only has 9 grams of carbs, so eat one or two for breakfast or a snack. interested in learning more about the health benefits of avocados? Check out this article on the amazing avocado! Makes 1

Cheddar Broccoli Egg Cups

These egg cups can be made and eaten fresh or can be frozen and saved for later. Are you curious if you should be eating eggs or not? There may have been some mixed messaged. Check out this article to learn if eggs are actually off-limits or no!

Arugula Egg Scramble

An easy way to get more veggies into your diet is to add some in with breakfast. Interested in sneaking in more veggies into your diet? Check out this article for 15 Clever Ways to Eat More Vegetables

Sweet Potato Banana Toast

Short on time? Freeze these slices so you can pop them into the toaster for later! Interested in learning more about starchy vegetables, like sweet potato, and their impact on blood glucose levels? Check out this article

Coconut Shrimp Stew

Enjoy this delicious stew full of veggies and shrimp and a hint of coconut. So tasty! Interested in more low carb dinners? Check out these healthy and low carb dinner ideas!