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The World of Type 2 Diabetes Complications

Type 2 diabetes complications can span a vast variety of health issues from heart problems to infections and skin issues, plus many more. Complications can also range from slight annoyances to life-threatening conditions. The threat of more serious complications developing over time is why it is so important to identify any health issues that pop up and seek treatment for them early on.

Life with type 2 diabetes complications

Generally speaking, complications can be nerve-wracking and painful. Read more about how complications can appear and affect the body:

Complications of Diabetes and Related Health Problems: A clinical overview of the cause of common type 2 diabetes complications due to blood sugar fluctuations.
Video: Complications of Type 2 Diabetes: A video summary of complications shared by our community members!
Less Common Complications of Type 2 Diabetes: Includes complications like tinnitus, thigh pain, and sleep apnea.
Community Answers: What Complications Have You Experienced?: As shared by our Facebook community.
Can You Develop Complications Even When Diabetes is Well Controlled?: Proper blood sugar management is key to complication prevention.

The emotional impact of complications

While most of the time, we view diabetes complications as physical issues. However, the stress and fear can also have a major impact on our emotions and mental health. Mental health issues can be complications all on their own and can stem from burnout and grief.

Fear of Diabetes Complications: Why it is important to know about different complications and how prevention can help battle fear.
Is Fear of Diabetes Complications Getting in the Way?: Focusing on self-care versus worrying can help with more effective diabetes management.
Emotional Complications of Type 2 Diabetes: Emotions tied to diabetes run the spectrum. Read why it is common to experience these emotions and get tips for coping.

Specific complications

Below is information on the most common type 2 diabetes complications and the reasons they develop. These health issues include:

Our advocates have also shared insights and stories on numerous diabetes-related complications:

Muscle and Joint Complications of Diabetes: Diabetes is linked to several muscle and joint conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tendon pain, frozen shoulder, and limited joint mobility.
Diabetes and the Risk of Gout: What are the risk factors for gout, and how do you know if you have it?
Type 2 Diabetes and Cognitive Decline (Don't Freak Out!): A summary about type 2 diabetes and the link to cognitive function, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.
The Connection Between Type 2 Diabetes and Restless Legs: It is that creepy-crawly sensation in your legs, often at night. Is it tied to diabetes?
Is Diabetes Really The Culprit of Hearing Loss?: It might not be causation, but the studies are interesting!

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