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Community Answers: What Complications Have You Experienced?

We asked our Facebook community members: ‘What complications or health problems have you experienced associated with diabetes?’ We received a wide variety of answers, some expected and common, and some, not so.

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The most common answers for type 2 diabetes complications

  • Neuropathy - in hands and feet (ranges mild to severe)
  • Losing eyesight or visual issues - glaucoma, dry eyes
  • Dry itchy skin
  • Infections - yeast, skin, UTI
  • Feet issues - burning, toes issues, swelling
  • Kidney issues/disease
  • Insomnia

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More type 2 diabetes complications

Additional community member comments included:

  • Unstable or low blood sugar spells
  • Less energy or fatigue
  • Amputation
  • Dizzy spells
  • Excessive thirst or dry mouth
  • Heart disease
  • Healing issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Joint issues or pain
  • Brain fog
  • Stomach issues
  • Fatty liver
  • Major heart attack
  • Nausea
  • Uncontrolled jitters
  • GERD

We also saw a number of community members comment that they have not, at this point, experienced any complications. This experience seems to be relatively rare.

Mental health and complications

Adding any of these complications on top of managing type 2 diabetes is a lot to deal with. It was no surprise that we also saw comments about depression, mental exhaustion, and physical exhaustion or fatigue. We often hear from our community members that they struggle with managing their mental health. There are many resources to support you, if you are also feeling this way. Reach out to your healthcare professional to discuss the resources that may be best for you.

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Cost of care

We also saw a few comments regarding the cost of medication, insulin, doctors visits. Cost can many times be a barrier to receiving proper care for type 2 diabetes and the complications associated with it. It's important to educate yourself on your insurance coverage and assistance programs.

Varying mindsets

Across all of the different experiences we heard about, there is also varying levels of positive and negative mindsets. It’s easy to understand why many of these complications may bring on negativity and sometimes, depression. However, we have many community members who are dealing with complications that provided positive sentiment about today and the future.

“I'm type 2 and I can't seem to get on top of mine I'm 56 years old heaps of insulin my sugars are around 26 I go to doctors they give me more units to take I get itchy skin and very tried I'm so over it”

“Today I have a Retinologist appt for monthly shots in both eyes...lost part of my foot. Have neuropathy. But you know what? I'm still here! I have no plans on going anywhere!!”

Every type 2 diabetes journey is different

One thing that’s clear is, if you’re taking medicine or not, or if you’re focusing on healthy eating and exercise, or not, everyone’s experience with diabetes is different. This leads to different diabetes management journeys, including dealing with different complications.

While our community provides tips and tricks for things like blood sugar management, healthy eating, and dealing with complications, your experience is individual to you. Please make sure you seek professional advice from your doctor, registered dietician, and other healthcare professionals.

But it is important to address any complications. Here is some advice from a community member...
"But I should have acted on it quickly and I should have cared about myself more. if you ever think it's going to happen go to the doctor sooner than later. Take care of yourself. You are your greatest gift"

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