Keep on trying!!

I am 77 years old. I have diabetes. I check my blood every morning and some times before and after exercise, etc. I try to exercise.

How I exercise

Lately, I have been riding my 3 wheel bicycle on our new trail. I first picked up 9 bags of litter on the trail. I am a person who does not like litter or messes so I had to get it looking nice before I rode the trail.

I do a lot of gardening. I moved a plant this morning and I weeded and I used my clippers to cut away extra branches, etc. I live in a patio home and they mow the yard every Tuesday. I trim the limbs off the trees, etc. I try to keep active.

I go to the TOPS club every week. We have been in shelter-in-place so we just have email classes, a magazine, and I weigh in at an outdoor patio every week. I have been losing weight but did not this week.

What I eat

I have had Iowa sweet corn this week. I do not use butter on it. I had a hamburger today that was grilled with no bun. I made green pepper strips and stir-fried zucchini and had that with my hamburger.

I grow my own spices and lettuce and peppers and tomatoes in boxes by our home. My husband also has a high blood sugar that the doctor says he needs to watch his diet so we eat pretty good food.

We have no candy. I drink no pop. I drink 5 large glasses of water a day and I may have some green tea. I drink coffee in the morning with sugar-free chocolate in it.

I make breakfast bars with quinoa etc in it. It balances the carbs and the proteins. It has nuts in it and oatmeal. I eat it with low-calorie yogurt.

Learning for better diabetes management

Because I have a bad kidney and liver my doctor says we must regulate this with diet and exercise so I am trying had.

I have seen dieticians around 10 times. I have learned from them. I have gone to diabetic classes and a diabetic support group.

Supporting each other and not stressing out

So I walk, ride a bike, go swimming, or do something. I was teaching water exercise classes until March 10th when they closed the pools. I want to swim in our pool but the people do not wear masks and I am concerned. I wear a mask in the pool. People laugh at me but I do not care.

I have a stationary bike in my home that I ride for 10 minutes. If I ride longer my knee hurts. I have a cream for my knee. I am going to go take a nap. Naps are good. Do not get stressed out. I do not!! Take care and be safe. Wear your mask. Eat right. Exercise. Talk to each other and thank you for having this support group.

I weigh 162 pounds and I must lose weight. My heart works too hard to take care of my body. I am 5'5.5 inches or 65 inches tall. I need to lose. You can help me!! See you later alligator and have a great day.

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