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A Sample Day of Meals With Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are tiny plant-based ingredients that are rich in nutrients. Many have unsaturated fats to promote heart health, blood sugar control, and mealtime satiety. If you want to add more plant-based foods to your diet, use this sample day of meals as your inspiration!1

Individualize these sample meals

Consult with your doctor or registered dietitian to ensure these additions fit your carbohydrate and caloric needs. You can also adjust portion sizes and consider the fiber content in each meal to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Breakfast: Chia seed pudding

Try chia seed pudding – talk about a breakfast of champions! It contains just 5 ingredients, including maple syrup and cinnamon, and can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days, making it a convenient breakfast to meal prep and enjoy during the week.

This fiber-filled breakfast helps steady your hunger and blood glucose levels between meals. Adding fiber to meals can help improve digestive health and bowel regularity. To save precious morning minutes, make a large batch to use as the perfect grab-and-go breakfast throughout the week.

Mid-morning snack: Coconut fiber treats

Another recipe that you can make ahead and enjoy as a mid-morning snack is loco coco fiber treats. These tasty fiber treats include almond butter and shredded coconut. Each serving contains 6 grams of fiber, meeting 24 percent of the recommended daily fiber intake for women and 16 percent for men.

Lunch: Matcha smoothie bowl

A matcha smoothie bowl is a unique lunch option with fresh apples, kale, and matcha green tea powder. While this meal would need to be enjoyed immediately after making, it's great to try, especially topped with hemp hearts and chia seeds.

I love incorporating hemp hearts for an easy source of omega-3. Diets rich in omega-3 may help decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other comorbidities at greater risk among people with type 2 diabetes.2

Adding a protein powder to the smoothie mixture boosts protein content!

Mid-day snack: Sweet potato

Although sweet potato and almond butter may sound odd, the combination tastes delicious. Pairing carbohydrate-rich foods with nuts and seeds can balance post-meal blood sugar spikes. A baked sweet potato can be a savory mid-day snack.

Dinner: Baked lentil loaf

This plant-based lentil loaf recipe is packed with vegetables and wholesome nutrition. Lentils, veggies, and tons of herbs are combined to create a delicious dinner. Enjoy the lentil loaf with your favorite traditional side dishes like mashed potatoes.

Dessert: Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

While this recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies should be enjoyed in moderation, there are some ingredient substitutions in the recipe that lower the carbohydrate count. Rolled oats and almond flour replace traditional flour. Give them a try to end your day on a sweet note!

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