A Lower-Carb Sample Day of Meals for People With Diabetes

You don't have to sacrifice flavor or function when cutting down on carbohydrates in your diet! After all, bodies need carbohydrates to fuel muscles, organs, and the central nervous system.

But, when consumed in excess, refined carbohydrates can negatively affect people with diabetes. Substituting refined carbohydrates for more healthful alternatives can improve diet quality by increasing nutrient density and overall meantime satisfaction.

What is a low-carb lifestyle?

Firstly, adopting a low-carbohydrate lifestyle doesn't require giving up on all your favorite feel-good foods. It also doesn't have to be very expensive. There are many ways to create tasty dishes that can satisfy your tastebuds and help you manage your blood glucose levels by modestly restricting carbohydrates.

A daily plan of low-carb meals for type 2 diabetes

Below I will outline a full day of low-carb meals. This sample day of low-carb meals promotes nutrient density and sustainability to help overcome barriers that may have stunted success with previously attempted lower-carbohydrate diets. You can use the recipes below to better your health, one tasty dish at a time.

Breakfast: Low-carb banana bread

You can make low-carb banana bread using ripe bananas, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, nuts, and almond flour. Substituting regular flour for almond flour significantly reduces the carbohydrate content of any baked good.

Almond flour is higher in heart-healthy fat and fiber, which helps keep you satisfied between meals. Almond flour has approximately 20 percent of the carbohydrate content of all-purpose flour.1 Revolutionize how you view baked goods by transforming them into low-carbohydrate creations that you can feel good about eating.

Mid-morning snack: fiber treats

Fiber is your friend! Unlike other carbohydrates, the body can't break down fiber to create glucose; therefore, it won't readily affect one's blood sugar levels. Because of its slow digestibility, fiber also improves overall satiety and can help minimize unwanted snacking between meals.

High-fiber diets can help improve cholesterol, blood pressure, digestive function, immunity, inflammation, and more. It can also help reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers and help manage one's type 2 diabetes.1

Use fiber to help control carbohydrate intake and better overall health. Try this recipe for fiber snacks, made with flax seeds, oats, chocolate chips, and peanut butter.

Lunch: low-carb lentil loaf

Cut down on carbohydrate intake and improve mealtime satiety by adding various spices to your dishes. Flavor-filled meals can help kick food cravings to the curb, ultimately minimizing unwanted snacking that may wreak havoc on blood glucose levels.

Plus, spices are functional foods that can positively affect diabetes management. Specifically, they are rich in phytonutrients—plant-based compounds. This lentil loaf recipe will make a satisfying lunch.

Mid-afternoon snack: roasted nuts

Nuts are naturally low in carbohydrates yet filled with nutrition. With a small handful, you can reap the benefits of satisfying heart-healthy fats while minimizing blood sugar fluctuations. Use nuts as a topping on chia seed pudding or Greek yogurt to replace granola.

Experiment with different flavor combinations to find your favorite low-carbohydrate option! For a quick snack recipe with a hint of orange zest, try this 4 ingredient recipe for carmelized honey walnuts.

Dinner: low-carb homemade chili

Simple carbohydrates are quick to digest, often leading to short-lived meal satiety. Cut down on carbs by relying on low-energy, nutrient-dense options that fill your stomach while keeping blood glucose levels under control.

Homemade chilis are a hearty way to enjoy lean proteins, legumes, and colorful vegetables for slow yet steady digestion. Skip the optional corn tortillas for an even lower-carbohydrate rendition of this dish. Try this tofu turkey chili recipe. It includes tofu, ground turkey, beans, and lots of spices.

This sample day of low-carb meals can help you plan out your meals to be lower-carbohydrate to manage blood glucose.

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