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The Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis Experience

Most people vividly remember the day they were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. While everyone's diagnosis story and events leading up to it are different, the news is overwhelming and life-changing. The diagnosis may come after years of symptoms and health issues or, it may pop up as a complete surprise. Either way, an official exam, testing, and diagnosis are key for proper management and treatment moving forward.

How is type 2 diabetes diagnosed?

Diagnosis and Testing: Includes general information about why testing is important and the different tests used to diagnose type 2 diabetes.
Hemoglobin A1C Testing: What is an A1C test? How is it done? And what do the results mean?
Newly Diagnosed – What’s Next?: Following the 5 stages of grief, here is how you can continue to process the news in a healthy way.

Personal diagnosis stories

Coming to Terms With My Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis: Moving from caregiver to patient and having to make tough decisions.
My Diagnosis: Diagnosed after 2 disappointing A1C tests and now working through lifestyle adjustments.
My Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis: Balancing life events and managing type 2 diabetes.
An Interview with Terri: A Diabetes Management Success Story: A video interview on successful lifestyle changes.


Type 2 Diabetes Misdiagnosis: 3 Things That I’ve Learned: A misdiagnosis experience and what you should do to avoid the same.
What Is LADA/1.5 Diabetes?: A clinical overview of LADA and why it may cause misdiagnosis.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational Diabetes: A clear and concise clinical overview.
The Shock of Gestational Diabetes: Dealing with fear and surprise, and eventually a type 2 diabetes diagnosis.
The Roller Coaster of Getting Diagnosed with Gestational and Type 2 Diabetes: A late gestational diabetes diagnosis and signs to watch out for after birth.

The emotional side of a type 2 diabetes diagnosis

Denial & Difficulty Accepting a Diabetes Diagnosis: Why denial is common with type 2 diabetes, and the peace that acceptance can bring.
Living your Life Forward Positively: How to create a growth mindset and work with your diagnosis instead of against it.
How Did You React When You Were Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?: A video showing the wide range of emotions after a diagnosis.
Dear Newly Diagnosed Friend: A letter to a newly diagnosed friend. You are not alone.

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