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Have you ever switched your diabetes management plan?

Type 2 diabetes is a progressive, chronic condition. It can be well controlled on the right management plan, which may differ for everyone. Over time, what worked initially to keep one's blood sugars low, may stop being as effective. Have you ever switched your management plan or treatment regimens? What was the experience like? Please share with us!

  1. I was initially diagnosed in Sept, 2019. I was at least 70 pounds overweight. I was put on a low calorie diet and prescribed Jardience. I followed the diet to the letter and began walking 30-50 minutes a day. I lost the weight and my fasting levels came down. I was taken off Jardience in Jan, 2020. I had to increase my calorie intake to stop losing weight. I was a bit fearful that I wouldn't be able to keep my glucose levels down while eating more. My levels did increase for the first week or so off the meds but settled back to good levels. It took me several months to get my calorie intake to the right level that I maintained a steady weight.

    1. thanks for sharing. So awesome that you have had so much success and have been able to maintain the progress. ~Liz, Moderator

  2. I was diagnosed in Setember 2018 I think. I first was very watchful of my eating and very miserable. I am 100 pounds over weight and needed to lose weight before diabetes. But after only losing a small amount of weight eating little food I liked, I went back to old eating habits. I now gained more weight. I was hoping for weight loss surgery knowing others who had gone that direction, but struggling to make it happen. I worry more about weight than diabetes. There is no magic pill I guess. Surgery is the best way to get control of diabetes in my opinion. Once the weight is gone, it is easier to control the disease.

    1. thank you for sharing a bit of your story of in living with diabetes. I think for many, in the beginning one may have a lot of motivation to manage since it's so new. However, overtime, it can get tiring and stressful and eventually lead to burnout since diabetes is a chronic condition and does need to be managed even after one has reached normal A1c to maintain. We have some articles on burnout if you are interested: A lot of people also share that finding a balance and moderation is key for them.

      I'm sure you've already thought a lot about it and made up your mind about wanting weight loss surgery, and I do hope you are able to make it happen if it's something that you want. We have an article on pros and cons of the surgery and the conclusion of that article as well is that there is no magic pill because there is no quick fix: Of course, losing weight can definitely be of help in managing diabetes and risks for complications if one is overweight: If you do end up getting the surgery someday, would you please let us know how it goes (if you feel comfortable)?

      Minel (Team Member)

    2. , Have you tried a vegan diet?

  3. Hi my name is Jordan Amelia Bell am pre diabetic at the moment if am good with my diet I won't be diabetic at all am really good at my diet now and am loving life to the fullest

    1. thanks for introducing yourself and sharing more about where you are currently in your journey. We definitely wish you all the best with a better diet to lower your blood sugar to normal levels and not develop type 2. How long have you been diagnosed with pre-diabetes? Best, Minel (Team Member)

  4. , a vegan diet works very well in type 2 diabetes.

    1. thanks for sharing! Do you use a vegan diet to manage your diabetes?

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