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Dealing With Type 2 Diabetes Progression

Dealing with a new type 2 diabetes diagnosis is frustrating, scary, and confusing. Dealing with the progression of diabetes can also evoke all of those feelings. And for valid reasons! In many cases, even with solid diet and exercise habits in place, people still experience harder-to-control blood sugar levels and complications over time. You feel like you have put in all the right effort and adopted healthy habits only to be forced to start drugs or insulin, or higher or more frequent dosing. While the rate of diabetes progression is different for everyone, many of our community members have similar stories and frustrations.

Many of our type 2 diabetes advocates have written over the years about progression. These writers have shared how difficult it can be to manage treatment and lifestyle, especially as their bodies' needs change over time. Here are a few articles to help you or a loved one struggling with the progression of diabetes.

Overall progression of type 2 diabetes

  • My Mental Readiness for Insulin: Switching to insulin for type 2 diabetes management can seem like a big step. Shelley shares her experience discussing the topic with 3 different healthcare providers and how she finally came to her decision to try it.
  • My Experience With Trulicity: Chris shares his experience with Trulicity, from the day-to-day dosing and administration of the medication to the effect it had on his A1C.
  • Coping With Negative Progress: It can be extremely frustrating to get your test results back just to have no change or a negative change in your A1C level. Chris shares tips on how to shift your mindset and keep moving forward.
  • Changing Perspectives on Diabetes: Self-reflection is important in diabetes management. If you are not where you want to be, Liz shares tips for creating a positive perspective and improving your mood and health.

Type 2 diabetes treatment decisions

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Living with type 2 diabetes complications

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