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What aspect of diabetes management do you struggle with most?

No judgments! Managing type 2 diabetes can be a challenge for many reasons. What aspect(s) of diabetes management do you struggle with the most?
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  1. After being crushed under a bus 30 years ago exercising is my biggest bogey 🙁

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing with us. Are there any exercises that seem to be ok for you to keep moving? Wishing you the best. We appreciate you being part of our community. Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

    2. Nice to hear that

  2. Exercising my feet and lower legs is about all I can manage but... after that the next day i'm to coin a phrase... buggered... 😉

    1. got it, good for you for making the effort despite how you may feel the next day. "Buggered" is a great way to describe how you feel. Sending positive thoughts your way! -Ashlen, community moderator

  3. Thank you

    1. Exercising and following a healthy diet is something that every person with diabetes struggle.

      1. you are absolutely right. Managing diabetes is no easy task! We appreciate your input on this thread. -Ashlen, community moderator

      2. This is never an easy task. When you are used to something, it is hard to throw it away.

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