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How do you calculate carbs in salad?

For those of you who eat mainly vegetarian, are big salad fans or are RDs, how in the world do you calculate the carbs?

I eat a large salad at lunch that consists of many types of lettuce, some sweet pepper, mini cucumber pieces, radish slices, green onion and celery. I don’t use any fruit or croutons. I do use measured salad dressing that does not account for much carb. This is frustrating when I test at 2 hrs and I’m higher than I think I should be.

Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Hi Shelley,
    That is frustrating! I am sorry. The best way to be as accurate as possible with counting your salads is to use a measuring cup when dishing out lettuce or spinach so you know exactly how much you are getting. Then you can add the carbohydrate context of the other vegetables by looking in your favorite nutrition facts source, website or book. Usually it is done but the whole vegetable so just cut that in half of you are only eating half! Hope this helps!
    Katie Gutwald RD

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