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How many times a day do you test?

I test between 4-7 times a day. Sounds like a lot I know but it works for me. How about you? What works for you?

  1. Oh my...that's a lot! What stage of diabetes are you?

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by stage 😀 but I've been diabetic for 12 years. For 8 of those yrs, my treatment was diet, exercise and testing. My insurance company recognized it was cheaper to pay for strips alone than medication and strips and whatever else might be prescribed. I was able to maintain diet and exercise as my treatment for so long because I tested frequently. Now I'm on one oral med and one weekly non-insulin injectable med. Does that help?

      1. I test my sugar 3 times a day

        1. Thanks for sharing paul6750! Best, Margot, Type2Diabetes.com Team

        2. Wow glad to hear that , hope you completely recover soon

      2. I started a new medicine a month ago that can cause lows, so I've been testing several times a day. Currently, I feel secure enough with my eating lifestyle changes and exercise routine to test up to 4 times a day or less, unless I feel anything unusual.
        So far, so good.
        I'll eventually only test 2 times a day again.

        1. @SweetD sounds like you have a great plan! Thank you so much for sharing!! Best, Margot, Type2Diabetes.com Team

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