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Guess That Type 2 Diabetes Stat

In 2019, 2,142 people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes took our online Type 2 Diabetes In America survey. Each year, we learn so much about this community through the survey. Some of the findings confirm what we already knew, but others are more surprising! We want to share some of the survey results with you and see how accurately you can guess different statistics about our community.

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Can you guess?

Take the following polls to guess how the online type 2 diabetes community responded to questions about type 2 diabetes. After you select a choice, the answer will show up at the bottom.

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Due to the daily effort of managing blood sugar and avoiding complications, one of the common speed bumps to managing diabetes is burnout.

Age when diagnosed

Our community members span a wide age range, as people are diagnosed at different points in their life, and experience different symptoms.

Time of day for testing blood sugar

Knowing when to check your blood sugar is one of the more difficult aspects of diabetes.

Barrier to testing blood sugar

There are many different reasons people forget or aren't willing to check their blood sugar levels.

Confidence in controlling diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be very difficult and management plans vary from person to person.

How did you do?

How did you do? Let us know in the comments below if any of these answers surprised you and what results you related to the most, or take our current survey here with your own experiences.

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