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How to Manage Diabetes Burnout

At one point I dealt with diabetes burnout.

Diabetes burnout

I just did not care about my numbers or my diet anymore. I wanted nothing to do with medications or healthy eating. In a sense, I had given up. I was just tired.

I was over the expensive medications. I was over trying to eat healthy when it was so much cheaper and easier to eat everything unhealthy. It was easier to just eat what everyone else was eating. Most of all I was tired of taking all of the medication and my numbers still not show improvement.

When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I had started working out. I started having lower back pains from sciatica, therefore, I was restricted from working out and that made me have to do more of everything else, and that added to how I was already feeling.

How to deal with diabetes burnout

Once my numbers started looking better, I wanted to do better. When I figured out how to manage my numbers and find what worked for me I was able to shake that burnout. I must admit it is not easy sometimes, but it can get better.

Be patient and open to change

First, you have to understand that you did not get this overnight therefore, you will not be able to figure out everything you need to know about it. To be honest, for most of us it is never the same. Sometimes you may find something that works for you, but as things change with us, so will how our bodies process our medications and foods. So we may have to adjust again until we find something that works, until we need to adjust again.

Take it one day at a time

You have to take one day at a time. Do not overdo it. For example, one week focus on one thing, like walking for 30 minutes every other day. And the next week or two maybe decrease your starch intake and maybe add more vegetables in its place. You can also try to substitute your rice for things like cauliflower rice or substitute pasta for zoodles. I started buying zucchinis and spinning them to make noodles and freeze into small zip-lock bags. When I want, I just thaw for about 30 minutes and saute in some olive oil and add to my meal instead of a starch. I say maybe start one thing the first week and adjust something else in a week or two because if you do too much too fast it can also burn you out. You want to gradually adjust so you can not feel so overwhelmed. This helps to manage and not get burned out as you try to get your diabetes under control.

Note: Always ask your healthcare team for suggestions to help you. Remember that this illness treats everyone different and you may need to know all your options in order to know what may work for you and managing burnout.

How do you manage your diabetes burnout? Do you have any tips for others to help them manage their burnout from diabetes?

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