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Four Ways to Eat Healthy That Won't Bust Your Budget

Eating good, healthy, nutritional food is important in life…and life with diabetes. Unfortunately eating good, healthy, nutritional food isn’t always easy and has the very real potential of being pretty darn expensive — as in breaking our banks.

Eating healthy on a budget takes work.

Here are four ways to help you eat healthy, delicious food without busting your budget.

Pick up the phone

If you find a healthy brand you like, set aside ten minutes, pick up the phone, dial the 800 number on the back of the package. Some companies only put their phone numbers online so you might have to Google it. Call the customer service number and once you get connected to a customer service rep, tell them that you’re calling because you love their product(s) but are on a budget and would very much appreciate it if they would send you coupons — as in plural because you’re on a budget. You’d be surprised how receptive many companies are regarding sending out coupons (including free product coupons), and just because you took the time to pick up the phone and make the call.

Farmers markets or pick your own

Local farmers markets usually have better pricing (and fresher produce) than grocery chains. Finding a place that allows you to "pick your own" fruits and veggies is economic and you will literally have organic or chemical-free fruits and veggies at your fingertips and for competitive prices. Also: SO FUN!

Online markets

Both Jet and Amazon Prime have competitive online prices for healthy, organic foods and if you split your order with a friend, you cut the costs even more. Also check out other online grocery sites.

Local independent grocers

On the flipside of ordering online, stop by your local independent grocery chain. Many have weekly sales with items not only priced to sell but keeps you coming back because of their weekly specials. My indy grocer’s deli sales are better than most chain stores and same with their canned good and frozen specials.

Let me know how you make out!

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