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4 Economical and Healthy Grocery Items

Eating healthy isn’t easy, nor is it cheap.

Healthy eating on a budget

The following four grocery items are healthy and economical!

1. Dried lentils

Excellent for soups, stews, and veggie burgers. Lentils have a long shelf life, a quick cook time, and don't require pre-soaking (we're talking minutes) depending on the serving size. Lentils are heart-healthy, high in protein, fiber, iron, and folate. And, a 16 oz. bag (which contains roughly 13 servings) costs between $1.29 to $1.99, depending on where you purchase.

2. 32 oz. serving size of non-fat/low-fat Greek yogurt

A calcium-rich, low-calorie choice for a meal or snack, and a healthy substitute for sour cream and butter. A 32 oz. container of plain low-fat Greek yogurt contains about 5.2, 6 oz. servings and costs roughly $4.99. One 6 oz. serving contains 3.5 grams of fat, 17 grams of protein, and 7 grams of carbs. Bonus environmental points because the larger container is better for our planet. Also, reach out to your favorite yogurt company via the 800 number on the package, tell them how much you like their product, and request coupons. On a personal note: I like to add frozen berries, cinnamon, and a dash (literally a squeeze) of honey to my Greek yogurt.

3. Frozen vegetables and berries

Frozen veggies are great for stews, soups, stir-frys, and delicious sautéed or as baked veggie sides. Frozen veggies are flash-frozen, low in calories, high in fiber, and loaded with all the good vitamins and minerals fresh veggies contain, but at a reduced cost and with a longer shelf life.

Frozen strawberries and blueberries are excellent in yogurt and smoothies, are easy to measure and jam-packed with all the good stuff, and cost less than a pint of fresh berries out of season.

4. Eggs

A fantastic source of protein, loaded with vitamins, and low in carbs. Eggs make for delicious meals and or snacks, and a dozen eggs cost between $2 and $4.99.

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