Diabetes Mindset: Positive In, Positive Out

We all know that positive thinking can make all the difference when it comes to living with any chronic illness, including type 2 diabetes. Numerous websites and authors claim that optimism about your type 2 diabetes is essential to managing it. It's all about your perspective.

Find your purpose

Managing type 2 diabetes can be extremely challenging, especially for those with difficulty controlling their blood sugar. Blood sugar levels can lead to a wide range of complications, and you cannot underestimate the toll that they can have on your body. People with type 2 diabetes are more aware of how much sugar, carbs, and added/processed sugars they consume. This can make people feel like they have to watch everything they eat.

Living with diabetes doesn't mean letting it completely rule your life. If you have a positive outlook on the situation and are willing to work at it, you can still live a happy, healthy life even when dealing with diabetes. Find your purpose and use it to show your true positive self.

Openly sharing my experiences

I have found that expressing my struggles and accomplishments with diabetes in my photo-journalistic media life has been refreshing. Whenever possible, I share my journey on social media in a comedic way or in a more serious way to tell my type 2 diabetes story.

I share the good and the bad. I took a step back to consider the positive changes on my journey. You can easily focus on the bad aspects of diabetes. But, I guarantee that if you put the same amount of effort into noticing the positive aspects of your journey, you will find some refreshing elements. It would help if you let that motivate you.

Shift your statements

If you've been diagnosed with diabetes, it's easy to lose sight of the positive aspects of your life. You might start focusing on all the things you can't do anymore. Rather than dwelling on the limitations that type 2 diabetes may bring, try to find a positive aspect of having diabetes. Make a slight shift in your perspective and mindset.

Find the superhero within you

For example, knowing your blood sugar levels could make you feel like a superhero who can prevent a high or low blood sugar attack. Bruce Banner (the Hulk) is my superhero role model!

Similarly, I try to keep my blood glucose under control to avoid triggering a sugar spike in the same way Banner constantly tries to keep his heart rate from triggering his anger that releases the Hulk. While some may not understand my superhero analogy, allow me to continue. Every superhero has an origin story forged from hardship or a roadblock they never expected. They used that defining moment to push them forward to greatness.

Control your actions, control your thoughts

I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out...diabetes can actually be beneficial in so many ways! Weight management was one of the best benefits of my diabetes diagnosis. When I had to incorporate exercise into my type 2 diabetes management plan, I lost some weight which was a benefit for me. It was an eye-opener. So, that gave me more motivation to keep going, leading to my next advantage.

Next, eating more nutritious foods became a positive habit. Having to watch what I eat essentially made me eat more nutrient-dense foods. Traditionally, we tend to eat what is comforting and familiar to us. Along with my type 2 diabetes diagnosis, I have come to enjoy a variety of foods. I started eating foods I never would've thought about trying by finding new diabetes-friendly recipes. And, trying new things is always a good learning experience. Once I controlled how I thought and felt about my diabetes, I changed my actions toward living with it.

The end game of living with type 2 diabetes

Ultimately, viewing living with diabetes in a more positive light will help you deal with setbacks more healthily. When you think of someone with type 2 diabetes, you may not immediately picture someone smiling and looking on the bright side.

It's easy to forget that we're just humans with unique hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Our illnesses do not define us; we are as varied in our personalities as any other person. It does help to have some optimism about your journey along the way.

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