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People With T2D Have Superhero Powers

As a diabetes care and education specialist, I see you beat yourselves up over your diabetes. I hear you call yourself a "failure." I don't see a failure. I see a superhero; a person with courage, grit, a plan, and a voice. You deserve to be celebrated during diabetes awareness month and beyond.

You are courageous

Superheroes have to battle against terrifying supervillains. Diabetes can be scary. Admitting you need help is really scary. Developing diabetes complications is really, really scary.

It takes tremendous courage to face these fears, such as:

  • Receiving ongoing medical care, even if you worry about what a provider may say or think.
  • Adding new medications or starting treatments for diabetes complications.
  • Being open and honest with friends or family about diabetes and the challenges that come with it.

People with type 2 diabetes are COURAGEOUS superheroes.

You are resilient

Superheroes may get knocked down, and even shut down, for a while. But, they don't quit, even if things don't go as planned. Diabetes is ever-changing. You may have finally found the right treatment plan, only to see your blood sugars rise a few years later. You may find yourself developing diabetes complications. Life may pull time and attention away from your diabetes, making it harder to manage.

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It takes grit to withstand the constant changes diabetes brings to your life in order to:

  • Keep on trying, even when things feel like they will never get better.
  • Show up to medical appointments and try new treatments, despite being down that road many times.
  • Continue practicing self-care, even you really don't feel like it.

People with type 2 diabetes are RESILIENT superheroes.

You are prepared

Superheroes never know when supervillains will show up. Therefore, they need tools and weapons ready at a moment's notice. Diabetes can feel like the death of last-minute plans. You might turn down a long hike with a friend because you're worried about going low. Or you pass on a sudden offer to go out with coworkers after work because you didn't bring your medication.

It takes being prepared to keep diabetes from stealing these moments:

  • Saying YES to checking out that new restaurant because you have a carb counting app on your phone.
  • Joining coworkers on the lunch break walk because you're prepared in case of a low.
  • Enjoying those spontaneous moments that make life a little sweeter.

People with type 2 diabetes are superheroes who are READY FOR ANYTHING.

You are an advocate

Superheroes use their powerful voices to build superhero squads and gather helpful resources. You bring awareness to the challenges and triumphs that type 2 diabetes brings. It is hard to have a voice in the medical system sometimes. It can be difficult to understand your options for care. Your provider may be short on time. Doctors may start you on new medications or technologies without training or support. You may have to fight insurance to get equipment covered. It is all hard but necessary work to get the right care and the right time.

It takes a strong voice to fight through these barriers, like:

  • Speaking up with something that does not make sense.
  • Asking questions about lab work, test results, medications, and costs.
  • Requesting a referral to a specialist or diabetes training.
  • Advocating for better coverage from insurance.

People with type 2 diabetes are superheroes with POWERFUL VOICES.

It's true that not all superheroes wear capes, but superheroes exist all around us! How do you celebrate yourself?

November is Diabetes Awareness Month! Want to learn more?

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