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Make Sure You Bring Your Diabetes Supplies With You

In the society we live in, it seems like we are always rushing to go and or get somewhere - because we are. Rushing out the door in the morning so we won’t be late for work. Running out the door to head to the airport or train station. Breaking a sweat and running out of the house to head to the market, a doctor’s appointment, the post office, or social engagement.

Yep, the majority of us are always in a frenzy to get somewhere. This means sometimes in the flurry to get to where we need to go, we forget to bring our diabetes supplies with us, and we don't realize we've forgotten our diabetes instruments until we’ve arrived at our destination. And it's stressful!

Organizing your diabetes supplies

Here are some tips to make your morning rush less stressful - at least when it comes to diabetes.

Make a list

And pre-pack! Write out a list the night before of what you need to bring with you, diabetes wise plus other important daily must-haves for the next day. Keep it simple: medication, glucose meter/strips, low-carb snacks, lunch, cell phone, phone charger, wallet, keys, and lipstick.

Then pre-pack the items you can (like your wallet, keys, and low-carb snacks) the night before. Keep the list on your kitchen counter and in the morning, add the rest of the items on your list in your bag.

Prep medication

Speaking of pre-packing, if you take oral medications throughout the day, pre-fill your weekly pill organizer on Sunday and make sure it goes in your work bag on Sunday night/Monday morning. Bonus points for setting medication reminders on your smartphone - yep, there's an app for that!

Have extra in your car and workspace

Keep your car filled with extra diabetes snacks and supplies - because you never know.

Make sure your desk at work has a spare canister of test strips and extra lancets - a designated diabetes drawer at work is a wonderful thing.

And if you still need another reminder, keep a copy of the list taped to your front door so you can scan it before you head out...

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