New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! I am so relieved and excited that 2019 is here. I could not wait for 2018 to end as it was a year of medical problems, loss and frustration for myself and my family. I’m hoping this year will bring better health and less stress. Do I make New Year's resolutions this year or not? I read a great article by a fellow contributor who wrote about not making resolutions. For me, I think I need them.

Despite my best effort, I have been a ‘bad’ diabetic off and on for the last year. I tried to be ‘good’ but I’d give up pretty quickly with all the stress and just do what I wanted: ate what I wanted, tested occasionally or not at all, and last but certainly not least, no exercise. Why did I give up? Life got in the way and quite frankly I couldn’t deal with any more life events. As my next appointment with the endocrinologist looms heavy in the background of my life, I know I need to make changes, sustainable ones. It’s time to strengthen my resolve.

My new year resolutions

Weight management

I have been struggling with getting my weight down another 5-8 lbs to the goal I set for myself last year. Instead I gained another 5 lbs on top of that. I know that statement will irritate the heck out of many of you but having lost almost 70 lbs over a number of years, it is important for me to get to my goal weight before I die. Since I’m not planning for that to happen anytime soon, it’s my first resolution.

Healthy eating

Our eating habits as a family over the years have gotten better. We have been eating less red meat, eat more fish and have embraced smaller portion sizes. The last year has shot a dart through it all. The ‘kids’ are pretty much gone now so it’s just my husband and I most of the time. We have resolved to eat healthier, cooking from scratch and get away from prepared, packaged or fast food. We have learned this: plan ahead. If we do, meals are no longer a challenge and cooking takes less time than I thought. This is my second resolution.

Regular glucose monitoring

I have come to realization that I hate testing my blood sugars. Is it necessary? In my opinion, yes. It keeps me accountable. As I watch the new innovative testing devices coming out for diabetes, I know what I want and it isn’t what I currently have. I want the Libre system even though my insurance plan won’t pay for it. It will cost me almost $300 to start and almost $200 a month to maintain it. Considering the health coverage we have in Canada and the benefits I have through my work and my husband’s, I have to get over being cheap. I can afford to pay for and maintain this system. I met a woman with type 1 diabetes who has the system and pays for it out of pocket. She tells me it’s worth every penny. My third resolution: buy the Libre system and get back to checking my blood sugars.


Over the years, I have used a couple different fitness trackers. I have also burned out a few of them. At my request, my husband got me a new one for Christmas. The light bulb came on in my brain. What motivated me was seeing the number of steps I was achieving. I didn’t hit my target number every day but seeing that number had more impact than I knew. Walking kept my stress at bay. Exercise in the form of walking to achieve my steps is my fourth resolution.

For some of us, resolutions are a waste of time. For me, resolutions are important, if for no other reason than to make a promise to myself. Will I keep that promise every day? Not likely but at least I have something once again to strive for.

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