New Year’s Resolutions: How To Make Them Stick!

This is THE year. This is YOUR time. You have decided that 2018 will be the New Year when you do not break that resolution. You have had goals for a long time and are finally feeling ready enough to take them on. That is amazing! You can do it! Here are a few tips to make your New Year’s resolution stick!

Congratulate yourself

Hooray! You have made the first big step in deciding to change your life. Give yourself some well-deserved self love. Having good self-esteem can only benefit you on this journey you are about to embark on. Find a way to show yourself some love outside of food. Maybe a trip to the spa, a new article of clothing, even a movie night with your significant other!

Start slowly

Many people get so excited about the changes they want to make that they try to tackle more than they can handle. Instead of doing everything at once (ie. Quit smoking! Lose 15 pounds! Stop eating junk! Exercise more!), choose one that you feel is at the top of your priority list. It can be easy to fail when we have too large of a load, leading us to give up all together. Choose one goal and work towards it for a better chance of achieving the end target.

Formulate a plan

So you have decided to exercise more? Perfect! Now, how can you make this happen? Whether you need to buy a gym membership, some at home equipment, or find someone to watch the kids for an hour every day, try to come up with a plan that will make it easier for you to achieve your goal. I have found that neighborhood walks or bike rides with my kids are the best way for me to get my daily exercise in. Try talking with your friends or spouse to see what has worked best for them, or how they could support you in your new goal.

Do not be too hard on yourself

Last week you worked out five days in a row but this week has been busy and you have been tired. That is ok! Do not give up. Everyone has days or weeks where they need to let their body have a break for one reason or another, do not beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow is a new day and you can try again!

If you are unsure about what kinds of goals are appropriate for you, consider sitting down with your physician. Often an exercise regimen, a change in eating habits, or a weight loss plan is one of the greatest steps you can take towards better management of diabetes. Be sure you are advocating for yourself to get the best support you can as you navigate your diagnosis.

Tips to remember:

  • Start slow
  • Give self love
  • Make a plan
  • Don’t give up!

Good luck!

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