Blood Sugar: Checking vs. Testing.

Blood Sugar: Checking vs. Testing

Words are powerful and have the ability to encourage us.. or hurt us.
Words can rise us up...or keep us down.
Words choice makes a difference, so choose wisely.

Here’s a prime example on the power of word choice.

I don’t TEST my blood sugars.
I CHECK my blood sugars.

Checking blood sugar gives power. Testing blood sugar gives power to diabetes

Like most people, I don’t want to take a test - let alone be put to the test multiple tests per day, every day, because living with diabetes already tests my patience daily. And don’t even get me started on the blood tests that are required, every time I visit my endocrinologist.

In my head, “testing my blood sugar,” means that I will either pass or fail - and if know there’s a possibility of failing - I tend to want to avoid that route.

But checking my blood sugar, now that’s a different story!

In life, knowledge is power - the same can be said for life with diabetes.

The very act of checking my blood sugar makes me feel like I’m the one in control - I’m the one with the power, even if the number on the screen isn’t the one I hoped it to be.

Checking my blood sugar makes me look at what I’m doing as a way of gathering critical diabetes information, assisting me and my body on our diabetes journey, daily.

Checking my blood sugar not only puts the information in my hands (and in the hands of my healthcare professionals,) it allows us to work together as a team, by taking the information gathered, troubleshoot problems, and make little adjustments that have the ability to equal big changes.

Checking my blood sugar gives me power, testing my blood sugar gives the power to diabetes.
Damn straight I'm going to check my blood sugar - and check it often!

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