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When Type 2 Diabetes Leads to Burnout

We surveyed people with type 2 diabetes to better understand what it’s like living with a condition that can be so difficult to control, involving lifestyle changes and many medications. Diabetes doesn’t just take a toll on physical health, but can also be emotionally and financially draining.

Barriers to blood glucose control

Ninety-three percent test their own blood sugar, and many quite regularly - 23% at least twice a day and 19% many times throughout the day. But checking blood sugar levels consistently is easier said than done.

42% of people with type 2 diabetes aren’t completely sure about the correct times to check blood sugar.
There are many barriers to checking blood sugar regularly including forgetfulness, cost, and fear of needles.

Weight loss for diabetes control

Medications aren’t the only option to control blood sugar levels. People with diabetes have to incorporate lifestyle changes like changes in diet, stress reduction and exercise. Many make these changes not just to manage blood sugar levels but for weight loss too.

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53% of people with type 2 diabetes are unhappy with their weight. 45% are obese and over half are actively trying to lose weight.

Financial burden

Diabetes management comes with a high financial cost. Diabetes medications, such as insulin, can be extremely expensive, but also the cost of checking blood glucose levels on a regular basis can add up.

43% feel that others don’t understand what they are going through with diabetes. 1 in 5 need emotional support.

Type 2 diabetes burnout

People with diabetes have to put in a lot of effort to manage their blood glucose levels. Despite all the work that goes into it, many don’t feel their diabetes is under control - only 40 percent of people feel their diabetes is controlled. And not only are they having to manage diabetes, 95 percent have to cope with other health conditions and diabetes complications as well, such as neuropathy, hypertension, sleep apnea etc. It’s no wonder that people experience diabetes burnout - the feeling of being overwhelmed and extremely frustrated by the continuous tasks related to diabetes self-care.

32% of people with type 2 diabetes feel that cost is a barrier to managing diabetes

Support with type 2 diabetes

Forty percent of people said they are not receiving any support, such as emotional support, help with meal prep and daily chores. But with all the changes in lifestyle required and the constant monitoring of blood sugar levels, it's not easy doing it alone without any assistance and support from family and/or friends.

58% have experienced diabetes burnout and cope with it by binge eating, praying, exercising or ignoring it.

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