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Have you experienced any diabetes symptoms?

Symptoms from type 2 diabetes can often be quite inconspicuous. A lot of people don't even have symptoms when diagnosed.

I'm curious to hear everyone's experiences with diabetes symptoms. Some common symptoms include blurred vision, frequent infections, numbness, sores or cuts that heal slowly, excessive thirst, fatigue, and increased urination.

Which have you experienced? Have they lessened when your blood sugars are better controlled? Please share!

  1. blurred vision, neuropathy; if I am at home, I can follow a regular diet and exercise plan
    but when I travel or simply spend time with family and friends - things get complicated
    My challenge is to simply put my own care as a top priority and keep up with the regimen that I developed over the years. it is livable. I am 70 years old and had diabetes II for 30 years. Of and on insulin and oral medications. At some point I could keep my blood sugar under control only with Diet and exercise (just keep moving throughout the day). I believe our modern lifestyle is not conducive to a healthy life at all.

    1. , thanks for being willing to chime in to share your experiences! I think many can agree that it can be really tough to follow through with management plans when traveling or during social events. It's a challenge, but important to remember that self-care piece is a priority! Warmly, Minel (Team member)

  2. I started having symptoms of diabetes a few years ago. My doctor told me that I needed to see an endocrinologist, so I did. The endocrinologist ran some tests and confirmed that I have diabetes. He has been treating me ever since.

    1. I just didn’t feel well. You know, when you’re not sick enough to stay home but you don’t feel right. I kept telling myself I just had a bug I couldn’t shake. After 6 months it clicked in that maybe it was diabetes since I had been gestationally diabetic with my last child, I was overweight, and thirsty all the time. Saw my Family doc, yup A1C 8.3. The symptoms were not what I expected. I thought it would be much more obvious. It wasn’t. It was almost silent.

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