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My first experiance

March 1 last year, i became type 2. Was given medication told to test my sugar 2 times aday. I watched you tube to learn how to test my blood. Icalled the health insurance. She connected me to diabitic dept , info will be sent in mail.10 months later i got a letter want a job evaluation. I appalagize if im doing this wrong havent found instruction how to do this . Thank you for letting me spout off little

  1. Thank you for sharing and reaching out. Good for you seeking out information and trying to educate yourself on how to manage your Diabetes. What questions do you have? In addition to speaking with a doctor, this article may be helpful: Also, this article has some great info on nutrition and diabetes as well as links to more info: Please reach out with your specific questions, we're here to support you. Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

    1. How can i get myself back on track. I am going through a very hard I DONT GIVE A CRAP. Feeling i have very little motivation to try

      1. Hi Bethiem. I have experienced those times as well. I call it returning to my rebellious days of being a teenager. And you’re not alone. It happens to all of us, well, most of us. Here is an article that you may find helpful. Or perhaps you have a friend or family member that can help you when you feel not strong. Your motivation will return. Sometimes we just have to wait for it to return. Maybe one of the other moderators will weigh in on suggestions. We’re here for you. Feel free to continue to reach out. Hugs! Shelley, community moderator 🇨🇦

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