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Keto Diet

Saw this in FaceBook. Was wondering if anyone has seen it and what their views are on it. I don't do it but know that some do and will. Thought I'd share the link here and see what you think on it.

  1. I've been on a self imposed diet of some sort. Have been watching carbs, calories etc on my own. But to say I follow one type of diet or another I don't. I only do what I feel fits me. I love meat and will continue to do so. I love other things as well. So to cut one and skip other no, not for me. I just follow portion control, cut down on certain carbs, calories etc. Other than that I don't follow any 'diet plan'.

    1. I read the article. Keto is not new. I think my concern about it (keto) is we are throwing all the knowledge from other medical disciplines to force diabetic numbers down. It seems to me to be tunnel vision especially with the potential cardiac implications. I have moved more to the Mediterranean way of eating because I love it. But I won’t give up meats either. I enjoy them. Portion control for me too. Thanks for sharing! Shelley, community moderator

      1. I've had too many tell me that I need to eat this way or that way. That I'm not doing it right. I tell them that as long as I lose my weight, enjoy what I eat and maintain myself I'm happy and must be doing something right because my team tends to think so.

    2. I was a little shocked by Dr. Kim's remarks when they showed up in my newsfeed in August since much of the current research is showing benefits from a low carb, high fat (healthy fats), moderate protein diets.

      Confusion often arises when "Keto" diets are wrongly portrayed as high protein, high fat, and low carb. In most of these studies (when you read the methods sections) "low carb" means low vegetable intake and "high protein" means excessive meat intake.

      On the other hand, "healthy keto" must include a plentiful amount of vegetables, healthy fats (alla Mediterranean Diet), and moderate protein.

      Here is a very thoughtful response to Dr. Kim's August 2018 remarks (Specifically see 11:15 mark in video):

      1. Hi Riddler,

        Thank you for the kind response to my comments. You make two very important points.

        First, as a chef I agree that our food choices are among the most personal decisions we make.

        Second, as someone who struggled with obesity, prediabetes, and other metabolic issues for more than 10 years, I also agree that “fad diets” are a painful waste of time - I failed on more of them than I can count.

        My breakthrough came when I opened my mind to new ideas and stopped listening to “conventional opinions”. A focus on evidence-based nutrition changed my life.

        For those of us who grew up hearing that pasta, processed “whole” grains, and margarine were “Health Foods”; it can be hard to embrace a new reality where refined carbohydrates, gluten, and trans fats are now linked to major health problems including inflammation and diabetes.

        So I completely know how hard it is to embrace change - both mentally and physically. I often compare dietary changes to learning to swim for the first time. Everyone should go at his or her own pace and the deep end of the pool should be reversed for advanced swimmers. (It is okay to be where we feel most comfortable, safe, and happy) 🙂

        Again thanks for the exchange of ideas

      2. My pleasure Samuel!

        It is unfortunate that potentially useful concepts like ketosis gets misconstrued by Marketing Hype.

        Many of the so called "Keto Diets" are certainly ill-conceived and dangerous for someone with diabetes if not done with medical support. Others overlook the importance of healthy carbohydrates and make no distinction between good and bad fat sources.

        On the other hand, when done properly, the concept has proven success.

    3. Some people don't understand the importance of carbs and the role it play on helping to keep body healthy. Saw some commercial today. Think was for some kind of a 'protein' bar of some sort. Individual rips off shirt showing his abs etc and was asking if looked like fat and sounded like was saying something to the effect of forget about carbs that you needed fat and protein.
      But I only caught a glimpse of it as I was going to another room.

      But if I did see and understand it right then it was very misleading. I've tried a couple of protein bars a few years ago but wasn't crazy about their taste and plus had way too much stuff in them such as salt and other things. Wasn't really impressed with them. Think closes thing I really liked with any protein bit was Boost. And that was only for a snack at work or at home once in a while.

      There's just way too much misinformation out on carbs, diets, foods and diabetes. Really sad.

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