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Have you ever taken an injectable medication?

Are you currently taking or have you taken an injectable medication for your type 2 diabetes before? What have your experiences been like? How long have you been using this treatment?

Please share your experiences with the community!

  1. I love to hear their experiences with this treatment. I personally haven't so I am really curious but I heard that they tend to be more effective in treating diseases.

    1. – thanks for chiming in! I hope others will be willing to as well, as I'm also curious. I think their perspective and experiences would be helpful to the community. Especially to those who may have to take an injectable in the future. I know treatment effectiveness may differ depending on the person since everyone is different, but I have seen many in the community share that their injectable helps them manage their diabetes. Best, Minel (Team Member)

    2. I agree with your statement. Also, hearing stories from other members would be reassuring to some.

  2. I hope they do! This would be inspiring and reassuring.

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