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Have you ever taken an injectable medication?

Are you currently taking or have you taken an injectable medication for your type 2 diabetes before? What have your experiences been like? How long have you been using this treatment?

Please share your experiences with the community!
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  1. I love to hear their experiences with this treatment. I personally haven't so I am really curious but I heard that they tend to be more effective in treating diseases.

    1. – thanks for chiming in! I hope others will be willing to as well, as I'm also curious. I think their perspective and experiences would be helpful to the community. Especially to those who may have to take an injectable in the future. I know treatment effectiveness may differ depending on the person since everyone is different, but I have seen many in the community share that their injectable helps them manage their diabetes. Best, Minel (Team Member)

    2. I agree with your statement. Also, hearing stories from other members would be reassuring to some.

  2. I hope they do! This would be inspiring and reassuring.

    1. Hello Friends. I am not currently using injectable meds. Over the weekend my own testing showed blood sugar at 398!! Called Doctor yesterday when my sugar was 412 and 402. This morning it was 510 before eating or drinking anything. I see my PCP at 11:40 today. I wonder if my meter could be off, I have had it about 11 years. Since the high reading on Friday I have been very mindful of what I eat.
      I have lost five pounds and was a total mess yesterday with panic. I have meds for depression and panic/anxiety so that helps.
      Any suggestions.

      1. unless you have a infection, sounds like you need yo calibrate your machine or ar least compare it to the drs office glucometer.

        They do get off, old and need replacement. Occasionally something is wrong with the strips so it helps to use a different tube in case.

        All meters including CGMs will not have exact matches. Traditional gkucometers will change with every use but the parameter of change is rather small like within 15ish mg/dl. To vary Thst widely isn’t accurate and if you are so consistently at those levels, that can be a diabetic emergency!

      2. I have been taking injectible insulin for about two years for borderline type 2. My road led me to the pen because I could not take any of the oral meds that were recommended. I take very low dose units .. between 8 and 12 depending upon numbers. Does anyone else have this problem with taking the oral meds?

    2. Thank you, I am very comfortable sharing.

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