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Higher blood glucose numbers early in the week

I've only been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes within the last few months, during the time of social distancing. I was given only my diagnosis and a medication perscription (Metformin), with absolutely no other direction or guidance. Phone conversations make my anxiety worse, so I was hoping to get some idea of what might be happening here before I had to start calling professionals.

I seem to always have higher blood glucose numbers early in the week (around 2 days after I allowed myself one or two small sugary treats over the weekend). Is this spike caused by that (despite having low numbers on the days that I did consume the sugar)?

Is it generally 'normal' for numbers to just be higher the start of the week? Or am I just continually throwing away all of my progress by allowing myself the sugar?

I'm using the ReliOn Prime meter, and during the mid to end of the week I've gotten my fasting numbers down to between 155 and 145 and my 2 hour after meals numbers down to 130s and as low as 114. (I hit this lowest number on a day after having had the sugar).

But this morning (Tuesday), after a weekend and start of week of good numbers (I had the sugar on Friday and Sunday) my fasting number was back up to 182, the general area I was having before I started watching my sugar and carb intake.

Does this mean I just need to stop sugar entirely, or are early to mid week spikes normal?

Thank you for your help and good luck to you as well!

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    1. Hi there @SeptemberSpirits ,

      Apologies for this delayed response - how interesting - and frustrating. As bodies differ so can reactions so we always recommend checking in with your doctor/care team as we cannot offer medical advice; but, I wonder if any of these factors may come into play as well:


      Usually people test a few hours after eating to see how foods have affected their blood sugar.

      Sometimes if your numbers are high in the morning it could be due to the "dawn phenomenon" - more info here: https://type2diabetes.com/video/dawn-phenomenon/ Some find having a nighttime snack can then help actually: https://type2diabetes.com/nutrition/nighttime-snack-blood-sugar-must/

      I understand phone anxiety but it would be great to speak with a professional about this - would coming up with a plan, or writing a script that you'll want to say to the scheduler, doctor, etc (anyone you'd have to speak to) help? I do that sometimes when anxious about a call.

      Please keep us updated. Thinking of you!

      Margot, Type2Diabetes.com Team

      1. The for teh link as I check and review them, they are applicable really. Hoping to get a more updated ones.

      2. I can attest this is working!

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