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What do you do for diabetic foot pain?

I have severe and constant neuropathy in both of my feet. The pain at times is unbearable. What do you do to manage the pain? I want to walk and exercise, but my feet feel like they’re being burned in a fire. Other times my toes cramp real bad.

  1. I don't know about the cramping of the toes but I do have loss feeling in places of feet and also the burning. You might want to talk to your doctor about that and see what they would prescribe for you to take. Mine put me on Lyrica and it has helped me but your doctor might want to put you on something else. Also your doctor might refer you to a specialist on the cramping. That would be the individual I'd be checking with on what's going on.

    1. Thank you!

  2. Hi Thanks for your question! As says it is always a good idea to check in with your doctor or care team about possible help for the pain! Thinking of you. Please do keep us updated!

    Margot, Team Member

    1. I have to admit I had a small problem in the first week with the shoe rubbing against the tendon in the back of my leg. I developed quite the blister 🙁 After the shoe stretched a bit, all was good. The Chicane is so comfortable to wear and that's a good thing because I work on a cement floors and do a lot of standing and walking. orthofeet shoes are a godsend in my opinion.

      1. Thank you for sharing so glad that it's a bit better with the shoes now! Best, Margot, Team Member

    2. Exercise can help you deal with pain in a variety of ways. It aids in the control of blood sugar levels, which can help to slow nerve damage. Exercise also increases blood flow to the arms and legs. It also improves your mood and relieves tension, allowing you to cope better with the pain.
      Regular exercise, such as three days a week cycling, can help to relieve neuropathy pain and increase muscle strength.
      Regular exercise, such as walking three days a week, can help regulate blood sugar levels, minimize neuropathy pain, and increase muscle strength.

      1. Great points! Exercise can be so beneficial in many ways. For others interested, be sure to start slowly and be safe, especially when thinking about severe neuropathy in the feet. Appreciate you sharing and being part of our community Isabella. Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

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