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I cannot afford to fix separate meals for my large family, any suggestions?

I have had T2D for over 11 years I rarely crave sweets I prefer salty foods although I have been told white bread or even any bread maybe my problem, though I have learned to practice staying clear of bread as much as possible. In all these years though I have only had my A1C under 7 twice when checked. I am part of a large family unit and can not afford to fix separate meals most of the time I struggle to do one, any suggestions?

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  1. Hi , thank you for your question! I hope others are able to add their experiences. A lot of people do try to avoid white bread with diabetes, as all the nutrients are removed. Here's some more information on this if you're interested: Some people also go on a low carb diet and/or keto diet, and cut out bread altogether. Here's an article on keto if you're curious:

    Diabetes management while also having a large family with different diets is very difficult, especially if they don't understand. Maybe there are small ways to add slight alternatives? These articles may be helpful: &

    Sometimes people without diabetes don't understand the importance of controlling diabetes and the very serious complications that can arise from uncontrolled diabetes. If they're willing, you may want to show them some articles about it. Sometimes loved ones take things more seriously from a third-party source. Here's some if you're interested: &

    I wish you the best of luck! Diabetes management is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint.

    Minel (Team Member)

    1. Thank you for these links. These are really informative and helpful.

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