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Low Carb. But Not Keto

Keto doesn’t feel right to me. I have read the articles. There is some evidence-based research (not just authoritative opinions), that it may be the way diabetes should be treated. I have watched some videos too. What remains are the nagging questions I have posed to myself many times: Is it a fad diet? Do I want to feel unwell or have a headache while I do this? Is it for me?

Is the keto diet right for me?

I have read the testimonials from those who have eaten this way and swear by it. So what am I missing? As I watch my blood sugars skyrocket after years of doing it the ‘right’ way, I wonder if now is the time to try keto but there’s still that voice in my head saying “Hmm, I just don’t know.”

After being diabetic for 13 years I realized that there is no such thing as ‘all or nothing.’ Keto appears to be all or nothing. That is not for me but there are some sound principles about eating more towards keto that feels right, is safe and makes sense. I have known from years of testing that I am more insulin resistant in the morning. I’m not talking about the dawn phenomenon. I am literally insulin resistant all morning. If I’m high in the morning, I’m high all day despite anything I try to do, including skipping a meal.

Three very low carb breakfast ideas

Lightbulb! If I’m the most insulin resistant in the morning then maybe I should be eating very low carb for breakfast and avoiding any other carbs until lunch. I had already been eating homemade salads with dressing, and without the extras, for lunch. Sometimes I added protein, sometimes not. I could be doing a much better job at dinner. I decided to experiment with breakfast, log all my daily foods and test more frequently to see if the changes were real.

Low carb breakfast idea #1

Two hard-boiled eggs, coffee with my flavored cream. I wasn’t hungry until lunch but I think it was too heavy for my stomach, I felt overfull. One egg would be better and not every day. A prepackaged piece of marble cheese was added when I have one egg. Do-able.

Low carb breakfast idea #2

Yogurt, 2% fat, fruit-flavored (that’s what I had in the fridge after my kids went back to their homes after Christmas), and the marble cheese. Portable, but after a couple of days, boring. Coffee and cream as above.

Low carb breakfast idea #3

A thing called waffle cookies, chocolate or lemon. They are low carb if I cut the serving down. I added about 1½ teaspoon of peanut butter to the chocolate one. I kept my prepackaged cheese. Yum. Coffee and cream.

I now have 3 low-carb breakfast choices that are not boring. Lunch has stayed the same. Dinner is now lower in carbs but not as low as the other meals. I eat more homemade salad while dinner is cooking. I have one snack a day before bed: 100g (about ½ cup) plain 2% fat Greek yogurt, with about ½ cup of defrosted frozen blueberries.

Breakfast carbs: under 16g
Lunch: under 25g
Dinner: under 50g
Snack: approx 25g

Blood glucose control success!

My body has spoken. My sugars have dropped significantly; I haven’t seen 5’s and 6’s (90-125 mg/dl) regularly in ages!! I had no keto headache; no worries about what else ketosis was doing to my body. I’m not hungry. I feel good. I am lower carb now because I need to be.

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