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Eating well, exercising, on Metformin

Good morning

I just cant seem to get this under control. I am 5'4", 137 lbs on 1000mg of metformin, eat healthy, low carb and no added sugar and cant get my levels down. HELP. I have done everything from fasting to exercise after meals etc.

  1. Hi Kay_C. It’s not easy getting our blood sugars under control. Your BMI is in the normal range and you a doing everting right. Call your dr or hcp to take a look at all the good things you are doing and see if they have a suggestion. Sometimes they will reassess your meds to see if any changes can be done to assist. Do you have a specialist dealing with your diabetes? If not maybe you could use a referral to a diabetic specialist. Try to remember, you’re doing a good job even if you’re not totally happy with the end results…yet! You will get there. Many of us have been where you are, you will find a solution. Stay in touch with us to support you. Shelley, moderator.

    1. I'd definitely consult a certified diabetes specialist! I was having middle of the night blood glucose spikes and asked my CDE about it. She asked what I'd had for dinner and I reported that I'd had very low carb / very high protein meal of salad and salmon. She suggested that perhaps my liver released glucagon to prevent hypoglycemia. I'd never have known without my CGM. Your mileage may vary, but it pays to have an expert to consult.

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