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does low blood sugar cause strange dreams

I am having recurring dreams about having low blood sugar. When I wake up I actually have low blood sugar.

  1. So interesting! Perhaps your body's way of waking you up? Thanks sharing. Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

    1. Hello , WOW!! Very interesting. Tonight I hope I dream I have lost 25 pounds and weight up and it's gone! I agree with , maybe this is your body waking you up. Diane (Team Member)

      1. I have similar dreams. I have lost about 16 lbs this month maybe more when I weigh tmro. The interesting thing about this is I am type two that takes metformin, glipside and 60mg of insulin shots daily. About a month ago I woke from a dream that I was losing weight. I didn't realize it at the time however I have began eating basically one meal a day. And so far total I've lost about 21 lbs and still losing. If I do eat a snack l do not eat a large quantity. I don't understand this however I am thankful for these results. Is/was it because of the dreams? I don't know but I have never been able to control my appetite. I thank God for this however it happened.Self photo

        1. Hi Communitymember2579! It’s very interesting how our brains work in ways we don’t expect. Congratulations on your weight loss. Did you find it difficult dropping to one meal a day? I’m curious, is it under the direction of your doctor? Please be sure your doctors know how you are losing weight so they can followup with any blood work that may be needed to ensure your other lab values stay in the healthy range for you. Again congratulations. Shelley, moderator.

      2. Shelley and All....I didn't actively stop eating all but one meal a day. I just recently realized that is what I have been doing. I realized I was doing this after several nights of dreaming about food and dead relatives. During those days I was also having delirium and hallicinations which is not normal for me. Yes I keep close touch with my doctors. June the 8th my A1c was 5.6, and prior to that for about a year my a1c has stayed at 5.3 to 5.6. I hope I'm doing all the right things but know enough about myself how easy is for me to stop paying attention.
        Maybe someone can help me learn not to continue that bad habit. Thank you for caring.My Westie, Yappy, my love

        1. Not sure how I've managed to keep it under control but I have for a long time now. I had a ketoacidosis attack I almost died from that in 2020 on Thanksgiving, ended up in ICU for a week. It scared the bejesus out of me because I didn't feel like I was dying I just could not stay awake. Since then I take 1500 metformin 5mg of glipside and 60 units of insulin shots twice a day. I eat what I want but I don't e a t larger servings now. I don't crave sugar any longer. Matter of fact it turns my stomach. Alot more vegetables, sweet potatoes baked and that sort of thing an no breads much because when I do it's too heavy on my stomach. That sort of thing. My doctor recently took me off glipside so I guess we are doing something right.

        2. Oh my gosh! How scary! Who recognized there was something not ok with you that thanksgiving?! Hero that person was. Saved your life! Glipiside gone!! Yay you!! You are doing great listening to your body. Took me a long time to recognize what my body was telling me. (And sometimes I’m not a good listener to it. Lol.) I love my salads without the extras. I find the same with some foods I used to love, now they’re too heavy. Well you are doing great! Hopefully your ortho will have good referrals for you. Please keep me posted on how that appointment goes. Shelley, community moderator 🇨🇦

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