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That some doctors are teaching how to control your glucose levels with diet and exercise❓
Has anyone been successful with this regime?

  1. , thanks for asking! I hope others will be able to chime in to share their personal experiences managing their glucose levels with diet and exercise. I know some people in the community have. Of course, everyone's bodies and health histories are different. You may also be interested in this community member spotlight: Dan got off treatment and now manages with diet and exercise. Again, of course, everyone's results may vary! How are you currently managing your diabetes? Have you and your doctor talked about managing with just diet and exercise before? Best, Minel (Team Member)

    1. Yes he has expressed if I can keep my a1c level a 6 or below he would take me offthe oral meds but I have to really watch my diet so I have been trying as well as trying to loose weight.

      1. , that's awesome. I hope you're able to do so! What are you currently doing to manage your diet? Best, Minel (Team Member)

    2. Hello , It's hard to do, or for me it was. I lost 40 pounds and was exercising every day. I just couldn't stick to the eating part. I also have to keep my a1c level at 6 or below. I'm back on track again and hope I can stick to it this time. Keep up the good work. Do you have any tricks for staying away from sweets? Take care, Diane - Team Member

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