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Diabetes and EPI connection?

I can’t seem to get my diabetes under control. I've lost over 140lbs (and 2 toes) but my numbers haven't budged!

Living with type 2 diabetes and IBS

I was recently diagnosed with IBS I think I have EPI (which IBS seems to be a sub condition). From what I've read you can have IBS and not have EPI but having EPI for many also means suffering from IBS. This pandemic brings how it is means discussions and requests for further testing etc are harder to arrange as my primary isn't doing any in-office visits... It's all over the phone with email if needed to sent pictures (I recently developed 2 huge blisters on the bottom of my feet and had to send pictures by e-mail.

I have diabetic ulcers for the first time and was referred to the wound clinic). But this situation leaves me feeling like I can't ask questions or suggest possible reasons or conditions my suffering may be caused by like I could in a face to face conversation. And I'm not wanting or trying to be a web MD/google dr.

Is EPI affecting my blood glucose?

So my question (thank God I'm finally getting to it). With EPI the body doesn't have the enzymes to break down for food intake and use it to feed your body the way nature intended for it to be utilized. The food also moves through the digestive tract too fast not giving the body enough time to absorb the nutrients.

Could this be a major factor in my high numbers? If my body can't break down and properly digest food then can it regulate itself properly? If I were on the treatment plan/enzyme replacement program would that make my body's response to glucose better and bring my A1c and glucose monitor numbers down? Or am I simply hoping that this is an answer to a frustrating situation?

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  1. Hi we appreciate you taking the time to share what you are going through with us. Kudos to you for doing so much research! I wanted to let you know that we have a sister site for IBS as well: https://irritablebowelsyndrome.net/. Your proposed theory makes sense; have you brought this idea up with your doctor yet? I know you are only doing virtual visits, but maybe you could make this question the main focus of your next appointment? If your doctor is unable to help, I am sure they could offer a referral to a specialist that would be able to dive deep into this with you. Unfortunately, we cannot offer medical advice, so my apologies for not being more helpful! Please let us know your thoughts, and keep us posted on what your plan of action is. -Ashlen, Type2diabetes.com community moderator

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