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Coffee Creamers and Elevated Blood Sugar

I am wondering if it is common for coffeemate creamers to elevate blood sugars? Does coffee itself elevate those numbers, as well? Thanks so much.

  1. Hi SusieS2017,

    What a great question! We appreciate you reaching out. Do you know if your coffeemate creamer has sugar on it? From my knowledge, most coffee creamers have added sugars, which can elevate your blood sugar. I would recommend checking the label to see how many grams of sugar are in the creamer.

    Coffee and other things that contain caffeine have the potential to also elevate blood sugar. This is because caffeine promotes the break down of fat (instead of glucose) for energy in addition to stimulating the liver to produce glucose. If you would like to learn more, I recommend reading this article!

    I hope this is helpful! Please reach out anytime. 😀

    -Ashlen, community moderator

    1. I was looking into sugar-free coffee mate only to discover it contains corn syrup! Not exactly sugar free.

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