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Will I have complications?

Hi I'm a newbie, just diagnosed Type 2 last month, I am worried about my health and I keep checking my blood sugar level and always in good range between 80-120 . I change my lifestyle and do exercise, diet... but my question is do I get complications even my blood sugar is almost normal? Any input is appreciated!

  1. Hi there - I hear you, a new diagnosis can be overwhelming. Please know we're here for you - have you shared your concerns with your doctor/care team as well? We cannot offer medical advice but they might be able to help answer your questions based on your personal information as well. It's wonderful to hear you've been able to regulate your blood sugar and that you've been able to change your lifestyle a bit - that's not easy! Keeping your levels in range should decrease the risk of complications, but that's not to say they will not happen. More on complications can be found here that may help as well:





    I hope these links help - please keep us updated with how you're doing! Thinking of you.

    Best, Margot, Type2Diabetes.com Team

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