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Lifestyle Management: Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise

Nutrition and Health

  • By Margot Keymaster

    This month we’re talking about how nutrition plays into type 2 diabetes management. This is a place to share your experiences with the impact of nutrition on your type 2 diabetes, any challenges you may face, or any questions you may have!

  • By v5e0ct

    I’ve made the changes to my lifestyle and the diabetes is well controlled. Continuing to eat well is a daily challenge. I’m not a big fan of cooked vegetables and I don’t always want salad, though I do eat it more than I used to. I miss baking, but substitute flours and sugars are just not the same, so I don’t. I do try not to bring temptations into the house, so even if I’m on a raging carb binge, it isn’t there for me to find.. Another problem right now is bupropion. It’s been great for my mental state and kills my appetite to the point where I just don’t care if I eat sometime. I actually have to remind myself to eat and then it’s only to feed the beast so I won’t go hypo or have a liver dump in the middle of the night.. Sometimes I wish for diabetic junk food. Lol. Pork rinds and rice cakes just don’t do it for mr.. Anyway, that’s my 2¢ worth.

  • By Meryl Krochmal, RD, CSP, CDE, CNSC Moderator

    Hello V5e0ct! Thank you for commenting. It sounds like you are doing a great job managing your diabetes. Making lifestyle changes can be challenging at times. I think it is really smart that you keep tempting foods out of your home! If you have a sweet craving but don’t want all of the carbs consider trying one of the following recipes:

    Peanut Butter Crunch Strawberries

    Your Favorite Diabetes-Friendly Sweet Treats!

    Take care,
    Meryl Krochmal, RD CDE Community Moderator.

  • By Ecumbroc

    I admire your control and discipline. Keep it up.