Offset moderate carb meals with addition of certain spices

Last updated: September 2022

This is my story and mine alone. What effects I have achieved may not work for others and here I admit I am somewhat extreme in the steps I will take to get results. I have tried many hideous tasting concoctions throughout my life with the hope of a magic bullet as regards blood sugar control with little success.

Finally, expecting a high meter reading one morning after my wife's delicious spaghetti dinner complete with large plate of pasta, I found an unusually low reading. Fast forward, this meal had repeated results time and time again. Eventually I realized certain ingredients were responsible primarily the interaction between the red sauce, Italian spices, oregano and protein from meatballs. Why it works, no clue. But works for me.

So I just make the concoction as a side to many other dishes without the pasta and consistently it helps bring whatever meal down. The next thing I found by accident was the effect of pepitas [roasted pumpkin seeds] on any meal I eat them with. The bottom line is, that they brought my A1C from high 7+ down to 6.5 using both additions.

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