Top 10 snacks

My Top 10 Snacks

My top 10 snacks. If you have type 2 diabetes like myself you will know some of these snacks but my hope is to have some you may not know. These snacks are the ones I call my go-to snacks. Low in carbohydrates but high in protein. These snacks are actually healthy for all that are wanting to live a lower carbohydrate lifestyle.

1. Almonds

Almonds are my number 1 go-to snack. They are high in protein and fiber and they really keep me feeling full. Easy to toss in a ziplock and take on the run.

2. Edamame beans

Sometimes I can't get enough of these. I opt out of popcorn and have edamame instead. They are low in calorie, low in carbs and have protein. We have a family tradition of every Friday night having a movie night. Everyone gets out their favorite snack and it's really the only day of the week I let my kids have a little sugar snack, but having diabetes I wanted to have a go-to that I could enjoy and that takes time to eat. I have found edamame beans are my favorite go-to on movie night.

3. Hard-boiled eggs

Many with diabetes have concerns about eating eggs. Some feel that they can be bad for you due to the high cholesterol content. Yes at one time it was believed that having dietary cholesterol will increase cholesterol in the blood. Well, this is far from true and many studies are showing that dietary cholesterol that is found in eggs are not linked to high levels of cholesterol in the blood. So eat eggs and don't worry. Hard-boiled eggs have become a staple snack. You can boil many at a time and refrigerate and take them on the go.

4. Cottage cheese

My love for this snack has grown through the years especially after using it many different ways. I love adding salsa and eating it with a few wheat thins as a snack. I also love it with blueberries or mixed berries on top. YUM!! This has never put my blood sugars over the top so it has made it into my top 10 favorite snacks.

5. String cheese

Costco sells 60 pieces for $9.99. For that price, this makes my top 10 list. YUM! I love this snack and it's so easy to grab and go when in a hurry.

6. Beef jerky

I love to have beef jerky. It's very satisfying and this snack really keeps me full a little longer than others so on busy days, when I am at the office and can't break away for lunch, I pull out my beef jerky knowing it will tie me over until I can get a real meal!

7. Pickle and turkey

A pickle rolled in a piece of turkey is an amazing snack. Because I have kids in school we always have lunch meat for them to make their lunches with. This makes it easy to just grab a piece of turkey and a pickle and run out the door when needed. Being a working mom and taxi to my kids makes this hit the list for a very quick yet needed snack that I can throw together real fast but again is low in carbs, high in protein so it will keep me satisfied on the go!

8. Greek yogurt

Although this is one of my favorite snacks I do have to tell you to go low sugar. Read the labels and just be careful because different brands have different amounts of sugar. I have been able to buy Winco brand that has 6g of sugar and 22g of protein which is awesome. They do have a higher sugar one with fruit at the bottom so just read labels.

9. Avocado

Eat it alone or put it on a toasted piece of whole wheat bread. Add some salsa to it and use it at a dip with wheat thins. You can't go wrong eating avocado and that is why this made the cut.

10. Trail mix

Make your own. Protein-packed, I love to make my own trail mix and don't add raisins. I do add pepitas seeds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, sliced almonds, and unsweetened flaked coconut. If you do buy trail mix be sure to read the labels.

Enjoy and remember, to keep blood sugars stable it is good to have some healthy snacks on hand. Eating every few hours has really helped me keep my blood sugars in check. Along with exercise keeping on the go snacks on hand has been key to balance with blood sugars and keeping my energy up while working, being Mom and taxi. Especially during the holidays, I have found it vital to always have a few of these snacks on hand.

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