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Nutritionist Meeting

I saw the new nutritionist Tuesday morning. Was a group meeting of about ten of us. Was nice. Learned some stuff and nice material, site links to take home. Reading and counting the calories/carbs on products with labels etc was easy to understand. It’s the parts w/o labels that was confusing me.

I stayed after everyone had left to talk to her. We had to fill out a questionnaire at the beginning. She and her assistant had calculated the amount of calories needed per person. Mine turned out to be 1600 per day.

Any rate I questioned her on that and asked if it should be lower(I don’t know anything on calorie intake and thought maybe high). Was told no. That in fact might have to adjust to higher later but not lower that what I was given might be too low as it is.

Anyhow I told her about me being able to pretty much figure out the carbs but now the calories on top of carbs was going to be kind of confusing to me. Told her what the last A1C was etc. She grabbed my sheet back and started marking on it again. She put me on a 180 carb per day. 45 per three meals and 15 per three snacks. I’m lucky if I do three meals a day. Depends. Sometimes my dinner will actually be what some consider a snack. Will be something like ten grapes and four Colby-Jack cubes.

Yesterday we went to this buffet. I was watching the calories listed on some things (something I never did before). Certain amount per spoodle or half spoodles etc. So I measured it out to half of what they called for in their information. For instance I had a 1/4 spoodle of Mac and Cheese and then for mashed potatoes and cornbread dressing would be 1/4 spoodle of each (note: I went back for same amount of the potatoes and dressing so wound up being 1/2 spoodle total). A lavender roasted chicken thigh and leg (was connected together when cooked and served), two tiny sl of cornbread and mean tiny. Had a 1/2 spoodle of banana pudding with their topping on it and then a very tiny ice cream cone. Probably next time will be a 1/4 banana pudding.
So those portions made the plate look like nothing at all was on them, especially from the way I ate before.

Wife kept looking at the plate and heard her mumble something so told her to quit looking at my plate that I had warned her I was going to be cutting no matter what. When we left she said something about a ‘free’ day. Told her no, that it don’t matter. I don’t eat cut down at home and then do different outside. Wouldn’t be doing me any good that way. That I’m sticking same all the way no matter what.

She said she’ll do maybe 25 to 50% of the way I’m doing things. We’ll see. But this is something I must do. Noticed that although my last A1C was still good (5.7) it’s been creeping up in increments of .2 each time. I used to keep in 5.4 range. If this keeps up I’ll be in the six’s or higher again and I don’t want that if can help it.

What I’m having trouble is understanding calorie for meat at times, trying to figure that out. Know it counts as protein and fats but not carbs but now I have to adjust for calories. Sucks.

You RD’s CDE’s etc out here feel free to jump in on this. For instance that leg/thigh yesterday I don’t know how to figure that out.

I’m writing down every thing I eat, how cooked, amount, time and where eaten on a sheet to give to her when I make the appointment to see her again so she can see how I’m doing. I’ve been gaining and need to lose.

So, please RD’s, CDE’s jump in and give a push. 😉

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