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How can I tell when vegetables are fresh?

Please RDs could someone help with this?!? I have asked this question a number of times on social media and I get a nod but no answers. I’d like articles, may be a series, with info on how to tell different vegetables are ‘fresh’. Let me explain. There are great recipes with avocados and eggplant and many other veggies that are…foreign to me. I want to try them but I don’t know how to buy them. Eggplant firm or soft? Avocado green, less green, hard, soft? Why do they turn colour, is it ok to use the prepared avocado when it turns colour? Any other veggies that are not the usual. I got the potatoes-carrots-green beans-cauliflower-broccoli down pat. Please can someone write about this? I need to try new things without wasting my money. I’m exhausted. Lol.

Community Answers
  • Shelley, TheLongPointGirl moderator author
    2 years ago

    Thank you Meryl! I’m so happy I’m being heard!

  • Meryl Krochmal, RD, CSP, CDE, CNSC moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Shelley!
    I hope you have been well 🙂

    Great question! I would be happy to create a blog on this topic (great suggestion).

    Avocados are fresh when they have a slight squish/give. If it feels firm or has no give it likely needs a few days to ripen. Once avocados are exposed to air (oxygen) they start to brown. While this is often ascetically displeasing, it is more of an eye sore than anything. Adding some lemon or lime juice can help lessen the browning that is seen.

    Eggplant….. I need to do some research on this one…

    I also find the staff at our local grocery store helpful. Many times the staff may be able to help give you some guidance as to what fruit/vegetables is fresh and ready to enjoy!

    Stay tuned for more information….

    Take care,

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