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T2D Quiz: Thanksgiving Hidden Carbohydrates

As Peppermint Patty once said to Charlie Brown, "Don't you know anything about Thanksgiving dinners? Where're the mashed potatoes? Where's the cranberry sauce? Where's the pumpkin pie?"

And she named just a few of the favorite Thanksgiving dishes! When we think of how we typically celebrate Thanksgiving, it's hard not to think of the endless amount of food in general, let alone think about which ones would increase our blood sugar.

Hidden carbs in your favorite dishes

In addition to the actual meal, appetizers, desserts, and beverages can all contribute to a high carbohydrate intake and high blood sugar. Although Thanksgiving is only one day, we also know those leftovers are never put to waste!

Let's get started!

As a fun way to help you prepare to tackle your Thanksgiving dinner this year, test your knowledge of the carbohydrates found in classic Thanksgiving dishes.*

We've also included helpful tips and links for saving carbs while still enjoying all that Thanksgiving has to offer.
*Carbohydrate content will vary based on brand or preparation.

Quick Quiz

How many carbs does 1 cup of mashed potatoes contain?

Carb Saving Tip! Try a low-carb version by substituting with mashed cauliflower or mix cauliflower in with mashed potatoes.

Quick Quiz

How many carbs does 1 cup of stuffing contain?

Carb Saving Tip! Consume smaller portions of the stuffing or try swapping out your traditional stuffing for low-carb recipes.

Quick Quiz

How many carbs does ½ cup of candied yams contain?

Carb Saving Tip! Opt for a small baked sweet potato, or yams diced and drizzled with olive oil. Try sprinkling with some cinnamon for additional flavor!

Quick Quiz

How many carbs does ¼ cup of canned cranberry sauce contain?

Carb Saving Tip! Avoid canned cranberry sauces since high fructose corn syrup is often one of the top ingredients. Try using fresh cranberries or making homemade cranberry sauce to reduce total carbohydrates.

Quick Quiz

How many carbs does 1 slice of pumpkin pie (⅛ of a pie) contain?

Carb Saving Tip! Carbohydrates can certainly vary depending on the brand bought, recipe, or size of the slice, but this is just the average. One slice of pie can take up most of your allotted mealtime carbohydrates. Consume half a slice, skip the crust or try a reduced carbohydrate pie recipe.

Quick Quiz

How many carbs do 1 cup of green bean casserole (with fried onions) contain?

Carb Saving Tip! Just like other non-starchy vegetables, green beans are very low in carbohydrates. Try trading in the cream and toppings, and substitute green beans sautéed in olive oil and almonds.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes? Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Talk all about Thanksgiving in this forum discussion:

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