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How is everyone feeling about Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It can be a great time to reflect on what we're thankful for and spend time with loved ones. However, it can also be a difficult holiday to navigate when living with type 2 diabetes and surrounded by many carb-heavy side dishes and sugary desserts.

What are you looking forward to this Thanksgiving? Are you dreading anything about Thanksgiving? Do you have favorite Thanksgiving dishes or traditions? Do you have any tips or advice on how to manage the holiday and follow health goals?

Please share with us! Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  1. I'm lookin forward to seeing my kids & grandkids, I'm not a big eater so I only have a bit of dinner, & I'm not a desert person I'd rather have a small tub of jelly & ice-cream, I do have cuppa soups & noodles ALOT or a sandwich, Christmas foods I'm not fussed about , I love giving gifts to people, & if I know anyone who is on their own I always get them a gift so they know someone cares, I don't give em till Christmas eve cause I want nothing in return, & shops are shut then, I only know 2 neighbours in same block as me & one is a 73 year old man always alone so I offer him to call anytime make time to speak to him on Christmas day, I knock on his door if I don't see him, I've offered him to come out with me. & my friend to my family's house, they all av come to know him & are willing to help him if he needs help, he's sweet & spends ALOT of days on his own like I do but he knows he is welcome anytime & I buy him cause he would not have a gift to open on Christmas day & everyone should have at least one gift to open, this year I'm buying him slippers pyjamas & dressing gown & I will give him them early Christmas morning as he's up at 5am that's what makes me happy & it's worth more to me than anything, I think of things people need now not something to store or collect & nightmare is a must.

    1. The true meaning and spirit of the holidays has not been lost on you. Your neighbors are truly lucky to have you in their lives. Wishing you all the best, Lauren (Team member)

    2. Hi . How was your Christmas? I hope it was everything you wanted it to be and more. Have a wonderful New Year! - Lori (Team Member)

  2. Nightware

    1. new start

  3. Looking forward to a new year so glad to see end of 2023

    1. Hi . Are you feeling good about your diabetes treatment plan going into the new year? I hope 2024 brings you lots of love, joy and good health! - Lori

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