March is National Frozen Food Month

March is national frozen food month and I’m all for frozen foods, especially frozen veggies and fruit! Frozen veggies and fruits are chock full of vitamins, loaded with fiber and nutrients, and the price points (for the most part) are fantastic! And of course, they keep longer than fresh veggies because they're FROZEN.

Sidebar: It’s a great time to stock up on healthy frozen foods since many are on sale in March!

My favorite healthy frozen veggies

I use frozen veggies as add-ins to recipes and to make creative, quick sides. My favorite go-to frozen veggies are: Rainbow frozen green beans, diced and or riced sweet potatoes, butternut squash, broccoli, and sweet white corn.

Frozen green beans

You can sauté frozen green beans in a stir-fry! Super quick, super easy - seriously, give them a try! I’ve been known to add frozen green beans to homemade broth-based soups. They give a pop of color (especially the rainbow green beans) not to mention, fiber. And once they heat up in the pot of soup, you won’t even know they were frozen!

Frozen white corn

The same goes for frozen white corn. I don’t add a lot of corn to my soups, or meals for that matter. In the summer I eat farmers' market white corn - it’s what I grew up on! As far as frozen corn, I add 1/4 a cup when I’m making a batch of my homemade chicken soup or quinoa stir-fry! Not only does frozen white corn add fiber and crunch, but it also adds a bit of carbs without the spikes brought on by adding pasta or rice.

Riced and diced frozen veggies

The riced and diced veggies make for an excellent breakfast hash and an excellent replacement for the “rice” part of “beans and rice” and curry dishes!

What about you? What are your favorite frozen foods? How do you prepare them?

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