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How to Find Virtual Support During the Pandemic and Beyond

Now that we're years into the pandemic (!), you're probably used to doing just about everything virtually or through an online app. Shopping for groceries, working, watching movies, and connecting with family are all things you're probably really good at doing these days, just by picking up your phone or logging in to Zoom.

Online support for physical and emotional health

Despite all that, you may still find yourself feeling alone with your type 2 diabetes. It's crucial for your emotional and physical health to get the boost you need from people who understand what you're going through.

Luckily, virtual support is available to just about anyone, as long as they have an internet connection.

Professional services via telemedicine

More doctors, urgent care clinics, and registered dietitians now offer telemedicine visits, so connecting to the care you need is more accessible than ever. Not to mention that many health insurance plans are finally covering telemedicine visits, as well. You should still check with your insurance company that your visits qualify, though.

Do you know what else is also easy to do virtually now? You can virtually connect with a mental health counselor. I, personally, saw a counselor online during the pandemic. There are so many apps and services available that connect you with a professional therapist if you're experiencing stress and burnout, whether it's due to type 2 diabetes or not!

Please take advantage of these helpful, virtual services from trained professionals; it's easier than ever to do without needing to leave your home.

Family and friend support

Before the pandemic, my best friend and I texted every day—many, many times a day! We live hundreds of miles apart and see each other about once a year (if we're lucky). Texting was an excellent way for us to connect.

Since the pandemic, though, we've started talking on the phone—a lot. There's something about hearing someone's voice or seeing them, even on a screen, that is more reassuring and supportive than texting. If you haven't started connecting with others this way, it's time to reach out!

Indeed, screens aren't as connective as in-person visits, but when you need a lift, there's nothing like connecting with someone who knows and cares about you, even if it's through your phone or computer screen. Take advantage of the fact that so many people know how to use these new technologies.

Virtual peer and community groups

More than anything, though, you may be craving peer support. One great place to meet others to talk to is in our community forums! There are article posts, recipes, and prompts that you can respond to that can help you better understand your life and diagnosis.

These posts, in particular, are great ways to feel connected to others who are going through the same thing you are, and to see how they are handling the way they eat, exercise, and talk to family and friends.

Find support via hashtags

You can also search social media groups for #type2diabetes or #type2diabetic to follow and interact with others with type 2 diabetes. Social media can be a way to stay motivated and inspired from anywhere, anytime.

This pandemic hasn't been easy, but it's certainly made certain virtual connections simpler to build, so take advantage of it to get the support you need.

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