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Starting Injectables or Insulin

For many people living with type 2 diabetes, starting treatment with injectables or insulin can be intimidating and disheartening. Even with good diet, exercise, and management practices, diabetes progression leads to this necessary step for millions of people.1

There are many treatment options, so it is important to talk to your doctor about what treatment would be best for you and your lifestyle. You can also work with your doctor, a diabetes educator, or a pharmacist to make sure you feel comfortable with how to use your new treatment.

Share your thoughts, questions, and concerns about starting injectables or insulin below!

Types of injectables for type 2 diabetes

The world of diabetes treatment is ever-evolving. Moreover, new drugs and technology allow for more flexibility and choices in managing type 2 diabetes. While insulin injectables (including pen, syringe and needle, and insulin pump) are often the most well-known, there are other diabetes drugs that are also self-injected. These include:

Many injectables can also be prescribed in combination with other diabetes drugs.

Do you have a question about using an injectable medicine? Our community is here to help! Create a new forum discussion for community members to answer your question and share their experiences.

Emotions when starting an injectable

Starting any new treatment can be nerve-wracking, especially an injectable. Will this help me control my diabetes? Am I going to experience any side effects? How will this affect my daily life?

Additionally, it may also evoke a sense of disappointment or self-blame. How come others do not need to use these medicines to treat their diabetes?

However, it is important to remember that everyone is different and it is not anyone’s fault or failure.

Share your views on diabetes injectables

If you are already taking an injectable or have in the past, share your experiences with the community! Everyone is different. So many people find it helpful to read about the experiences people have had with different treatment plans. A few questions that can be used as inspiration for your story include:

    • What type of injectable medicine do you take?
    • How long have you been on it?
    • Have you been able to manage your A1c levels with it?
    • What led you and your doctor to decide on an injectable?

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