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A Diabetes Tune-up

We are nearly halfway into 2022 and my motivation train is full steam ahead. After my 3-month hiatus, I had to realize that my diabetic journey needed a tune-up; a re-direction of sorts.

Diabetes management can get monotonous

I had to make some changes to effectively alter my mindset on my diabetic journey. Although my previous process for managing type 2 diabetes was working, I came to an eye-opening experience: I have outgrown that management process.

Usually, for those with diabetes, the process of managing diabetes can be VERY repetitive in regards to day-to-day management. When and what we eat and how we exercise can be an endless loop. The diabetes journey can become monotonous and we can lose motivation along the way.

Create a new path when things get tedious

When you recognize that the "diabetes road trip" is getting stagnant, you have to make the necessary changes to take a new exit on a new path.

Regularly, we need to pull over and pop the hood, take a closer look at our engine (body) and see what needs to be tuned up. We have to take notice to what our body needs to be maintained and running optimally.

A diabetes tune-up

Just like anything in life such as career goals, your diabetes management may need a tune-up. 

Re-evaluate your management plan

Firstly, it's not a negative thing to periodically re-evaluate and perform a "tune-up" on your glucose management. As you get older, your body, mind, and interests may change, and so should how you maintain your diabetes. Look at your current process and find things that need a makeover.

Change up the routine

Find ways that can change your whole perspective on your diabetes management. It can be almost anything from incorporating more "me-time" into your day or finding new meal prep ideas.

You can do things like:

  • Try a new glucose monitor
  • Select a day of each month dedicated to self-care
  • Change your exercise routine
  • Choose a new hobby that changes your activity levels
  • Buy a bicycle

Check with your doctor or healthcare team before deciding to make any changes regarding diet and medication. Your healthcare team is there to support you to ensure the best diabetes management plan for you.

New routines can be motivating

There are a plethora of things you can do to perform a check-up on your diabetes management. Mainly, the key is just doing it.

Above all, some simple changes can make a world of difference. Starting new hobbies or interests can really keep the mind busy and working. Ultimately, think of a process, create a plan for the process, and execute the process.

Your vision for your future

As you keep your vision for the future fresh, so should your diabetes management process. Similarly, being open to finding new inspiration for food preparation, exercise routines, and meal ideas can make diabetes management less tedious.

For instance, I volunteer for the Houston Sports Authority as a media photographer. I cover red carpet sporting events that come to the city. These events have me on my feet all day and help with moving and staying active.

In other words, just make sure you incorporate something new and fresh into your diabetic routine and journey so you won't get bored. Find that motivator, and let it motivate you.

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