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Winning Motivation

As people living with type 2 diabetes, we all face adversity with this ailment and with properly managing it at times. We may fight not to shun ourselves or ignore the blows of diabetes, but to gain the strength to face it daily. It is important to remember that you are not the only person that experiences the daily hurdles of living with type 2 diabetes and it can be hard to stay motivated.

Focus on the big picture

During the chaos of the storm, like when you are experiencing setbacks or complications because of your diabetes, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Don't lose sight. It may seem like the game is lost, BUT IT ISN'T. Sometimes you just need some winning motivation to keep you going as you live through your diabetes journey. I stay motivated by setting goals, focusing on the big picture, and taking accountability.

Reach the endzone by setting goals

Having a clear vision for your journey with type 2 diabetes will help a lot. Everybody has goals. Set some! Plan out goals from small to large, so the daily journey doesn’t seem unattainable or tough to reach.

Think of a football field. Look at each day as a fresh set of "downs." Start small by gaining short-yardage (taking small and realistic steps) to get the first downs (bigger picture goals) until you reach the endzone.

Looking at each daily goal to accomplish is like scoring a touchdown! Level up and repeat the process with more aspects of your life or health journey. When you have a clear view of your goals to manage diabetes, you will equip yourself with a valuable playbook. No vision is complete without a plan and execution.

Be flexible and make changes when needed

No doubt, you will have to put in the work. Eating better, exercising, and staying stress-free are key elements to managing your glucose levels. Nobody else can do what you need to do for yourself. SO DO IT. The only person that will hold you back is YOU. The only person that needs to take action and get in the game is YOU. YOU GOT THIS.

If you fall off on this diabetic journey and lose a set of downs, then you get up, dust yourself off, and rise to the challenge with a new set of plays to stay in the game. You adjust and make changes like Tom Brady to win the game. There are many support resources for you if you need an extra boost.

Staying motivated with type 2 diabetes

Make sure you are where you want and or need to be for tomorrow by taking action today. Keep food logs, journals, exercise, or even start a gradual lifestyle change. Do what you have to do to stay in this game and not lose to diabetes. When you delay and procrastinate, you simply keep yourself from reaching your goals and give diabetes the opportunity to tackle you in the endzone for a safety. We don't want that.

Instead of watching your vision from a distance, you should run out the tunnel onto the field amped and fist-bumping with it. Your vision may change over time, but never lose sight of it. NOW LET'S GO WIN THIS!

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