What Gets You Moving?

Before my type 2 diabetes diagnosis, I was lazy. You might say I was unexpectedly reckless with the way I ate and lack of exercise. My body ached with pain, and moving around was a challenge. Late nights working as a DJ took a toll on me. I always blamed my old football knee injury as a reason for not moving around. So, that became my excuse for everything. Ultimately, it became my vice and the road to hitting my highest weight of 425 pounds.

A surprising consultation with a diabetes counselor

After visiting with a diabetes counselor, she advised me to get moving more (which I knew I had to do). Oddly, the type of exercise she recommended was not what I was expecting to hear.

When the topic of losing weight arises, you automatically think of gym memberships, HIIT programs, CrossFit training, etc. ALL of those options really scared me. I was embarrassed to hit the gym at my weight.

A step by step journey

So when my diabetic specialist advised me to simply just walk, it blew my mind. She was 100 percent right in her recommendation. Although others were comfortable with gyms and CrossFit classes, I wasn't. I started my journey step by step.

As time progressed, the guilt and feeling of embarrassment slowly faded away, and I did begin to visit a gym, run and take my weight loss progress more seriously.

Find the movement that you enjoy

When you were diagnosed with diabetes, how did you begin the journey of getting your blood pumping? What activities did you participate in?

After seeing my weight drop through consistently walking, I began exploring more activities. Once the pounds started dissolving, my confidence level got stronger. I began to move around more and become active. I didn't have my knee to blame for my lack of energy anymore. That excuse had become a distant memory.

Trying new activities

I started riding bikes and exploring the seawall in Galveston. After my son was born in 2020, I ran around the front yard with him like crazy. This is more tiring than air raids in football practice in the Texas summer heat!

Advice for those newly diagnosed

No worries if you have been recently diagnosed and haven't made it to this point yet. It's perfectly fine to be where you are currently. Right now you may be at a point of wondering where to start. It's better to acknowledge and understand your diagnosis than be in denial.

But let me tell you this, don't let the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes take you down a dark path. I have been there along with many others. I will also say, exercising and or being active will help keep the mental stress down.

Whether you are attending a gym, walking, gardening, or simply taking a stroll in the park, just make sure to keep moving and get that heart pumping. I stated I was 425 pounds at my highest weight for some inspiration. Currently, I weigh 279 pounds.

What was your experience with exercise?

So, I ask my fellow seasoned and new diabetics - out of curiosity, what exercise do you participate in? How often do you attend the gym if you have a membership? Are you a CrossFit type of person?

Chime in below and let me and the community know!

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